This site is dedicated to the memory and military service of

Pfc. Doran L. Staver

Doran Staver was my uncle. He really didn't like to talk about the war. So, none of his family really knew of his sacrifice and heroism during WWII.

However, after doing some research I have been able to find out much of his military history during WWII.

He took his basic training at Fort Carson, CO.

Doran was in the 89th Infantry Division and then later on he was placed in the 28th Infantry Division.

He marched through Paris, France with the 28th ID on August 29th, 1944.

He was wounded twice during the war. He was wounded during the battle of the Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge. During the Battle of the Bulge his division was caught behind enemy lines as the German army pushed forward into the Ardennes. "Click here to see map of Battle of the Bulge"

He was from a very small town known as, Curlew, Iowa located in northwest Iowa.

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